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Steve Coburn Says Sorry to Belmont Stakes Winner

Added on: July 29, 2014

Steve Coburn apologised on television on Monday night after responding to criticism about comments which he recently made, claiming that those who only run in the Belmont and NOT in the Kentucky Derby or Preakness when competing for the Triple Crown, were taking the “coward’s way out.”

Tonalist spoiled California Chromes recent Triple Crown bid after winning the event. California Chrome only managed a fourth-place finish in the 146th Belmont Stakes, but also sustained an injury to the front right hoof. According to California Chrome’s owners though, the horse is recovering well.

Coburn, despite publicly apologising for his outspoken comments, was still adamant that he has received plenty of support with “thousands" of texts over the past week or so. He also said, “97 percent of these people agree with me. ... What's that tell you?”

He then went on to say, “Some of these phone calls were from big owners and big trainers, along with the little guys, and they agreed with me that something needs to be done to keep this an even playing field for all of the horses.”

He was talking about the fact that when a horse enters the Triple Crown, it should take part in each of those three events, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, and that they should not be able to pick and choose which of those three events they will be taking part in.

He criticised the way in which the Triple Crown is currently run, but his tirade also included targeting the Churchill Downs management for its poor hospitality. Most people on social networking sites have been putting this attitude down to being sour grapes. Horse Racing Trainer, Kenny McPeek, said, “There’s nothing unfair about the Triple Crown series or rules.”

The then added, “It’s sad that someone who just won the Derby and Preakness isn’t enjoying it, and all the positive exposure it gave the support has now been undone.” If California Chrome had won the Triple Crown this year, it would have been the first horse to have done so in 36 years and the opportunity will likely never come again for Steve Coburn. It is also highly unlikely that Coburns message will do anything to change the way in which the Triple Crown is run.

We managed to obtain all the of the comments contained within this article from the official ESPN website.