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TwinSpires Race Track Review

In the state of Kentucky, it is not illegal to gamble on pari-mutuel sports online, as long as it conforms to pari-mutuel law. One of the best outlets available where people can wager on horse racing is TwinSpires, which brings all the action to lucky folks who get to take advantage of its resources. In fact, the site caters to horse racing enthusiasts all over the country, in much the same way its competitor TVG does.

TwinSpires is a subsidiary owned by Churchill Downs Incorporated, but is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, in the Silicon Valley. That is because TwinSpires bought out one of the more popular horse race betting websites, the California-based, a few years ago. TwinSpires is the official online wagering outlet for all of the tracks that are owned by the Churchill Downs company.

Customers at TwinSpires get to access state-of-the-art video that can allow them to look in on up to five tracks at once. Players get all the odds in real time, not to mention morning line odds, along with pool information and replays of races if they want to see them. The site offers a $100 bonus for signing up and a lot of information to help them in their pursuit of wagering. All you have to do to sign up is enter your name, valid email address and valid phone number, along with your home address and other information, including whether you are 18 or older.

There are no subscription fees for TwinSpires account holders. There are past performances available free of charge on the site from Brisnet. You can watch those past performances yourself through the extensive library of free race replays. Respected handicappers come on the site with selections. There is a daily newsletter and exclusive handicapping software. Plus, there is a blog with all kinds of other pertinent information. Customers can place wagers online, by phone with a live operator, with a mobile application, and through FastBet-TT (IVR)®, a phone service that is automated. When you go online, there are different formats that can be used. TwinSpires Classic is the "simple, straightforward" layout that is easy to navigate through. What's even easier is TwinSpires Express, which brings up the wagering box in a small pane. TwinSpires Pro is also fast and ideal for handling complex bets.

TwinSpires also offers something called "Conditional Wagering," which allows you to make wagers well in advance, even before the morning odds are posted. If you can make a pretty good guess of what the odds should be on a particular horse, you can specify what price is acceptable to you and how many minutes before post time you'll allow it to be good for. And for your bet to actually be entered, the conditions you laid out must be met.

TwinSpires also runs a lot of great promotions, including freerolls, various handicapping challenges, done with a twist, as well as the Twin Spires Handicapping Open. Clearly there are a number of extras for the horse player at TwinSpires!