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Popular UK Horse Racing Venues

Added on: April 17, 2013

Possibly one of the most popular of all horse racing venues in the United Kingdom is Kempton Park Racecourse. This popular venue is actually located closer to the English Capital than any other racecourse and it is actually situated in the county of Middlesex.

Horse racing events take place throughout the year here, but the most notable event occurs each year on Boxing Day and also on the day after Boxing Day (26th and 27th December). This particular racing event is commonly referred to as the Christmas Fair.

Kempton Park Racecourse has a long and colourful history and race-goers have been frequenting this event since as far back as the summer of 1878, which was less than ten years after the land was originally purchased by a man called Henry Hyde.

Just over a decade after the land was purchased, the expected arrival of the Prince of Wales for one of the events meant that a Royal Box had to be quickly erected in time for the his visit. The grandstand at Kempton suffered fire devastation towards the beginning of the 1930s and since then, it has undergone numerous renovations.

There are two main tracks here at Kempton Park. One of these tracks is known as the Jump Course (the smaller of the two) and the other is the more famous of the two tracks, the All Weather Track, which is actually comprised of two circuits (two oval shaped tracks). The distance of the inner oval track measures 1612m and the outer oval-shaped track measures a total of 2000m. Opposite the main stand is where you can find The Jump Course and one of the main features on this track is the ditch jump, which is located on the home straight.

If you visit Kempton Park today, the grandstand that you will see was actually completed towards the end of the 1990s (in 1997 to be precise) and after a year of careful planning, the floodlit course, which is an ‘all-weather’ course, was finally built in 2006. This upmarket venue, together with the easy access to Kempton Park makes this a popular venue for racegoers from all over the United Kingdom.

All most every major online bookmaker today has betting markets for Kempton Park racing events, especially the UK online bookmakers/sportsbooks. Some of the fixtures that you can expect to find taking place at Kempton Park Racecourse include National Hunt Races and Flat Races such as the Christmas Hurdle, Desert Orchid Chase, Lanzarote Hurdle, King George Vl Chase, Floodlit Stakes, September Stakes, London Mile, Easter Stakes, Snowdrop Fillies Stakes and Hyde Stakes, among numerous other fixtures.