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Horse Racing Terms & Glossary (Part 1)

Added on: Aug. 11, 2015

Accumulator (Acca) – In the US this is also often referred to as a ‘Parlay’ and it is basically one bet which contains more than one selection from different events. In other words, a four-fold accumulator is an accumulator bet with four selections.

Bookmaker or Bookie – This is the individual or the betting operator which has obtained an official license to accept real cash wagers from punters.

Colt – This is an un-gelded male horse which can be up to four years old. The term ‘ungelded’ basically means that the horse hasn’t yet been castrated.

Double – This bet is basically one bet that consists of two selections from different events. To win with a ‘Double’ bet, both of your selections must win.

Each-Way Single – The Each Way bet is a popular bet which consists of two bets from one selection and in one single event. The first bet must win and the second bet must at least place (finish in second, third or fourth etc.). If you place a $1.00 each way single, the total cost will be $2.00.

Forecast – This bet is when you predict that the exact horses (or dogs) will finish in first and second place. You can place Straight Forecasts, Forecast Doubles, Forecast Trebles, Reverse Forecasts Combination Forecasts, Tricasts and several other Forecast Bets.

Goliath – This bet is comprised of 247 bets involving a total of eight selections from various events. This could be x1 8-fold Accumulator bet, x8 7-fold accas, x28 6-fold accas, x56 5-fold accas, x70 4-fold accas, x56 trebles or x28 doubles.

Heinz – A Heinz Bet is comprised of 57 bets involving 6 selections from various events. At least two of your selections need to win for you to get some kind of return.

Joint Favourite – This term is given to two competitors (dogs, horses, teams, individuals etc.) who share exactly the same odds and are most likely to win the event.

Long Shot – Placing a bet on a long shot is a risky bet which doesn’t usually pay off. These steep odds (for example 100:1) mean that the competitor is unlikely to win the event.

Money Line – This is a popular term used in the United States and it is a bet to predict the winner of certain events outright without a spread (e.g. a football, ice hockey or basketball match). Your stake will be refunded if the event ends in a tie/draw and the bet is considered void.